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Email Marketing Tips

Updated: May 26, 2020

1. Personalise your emails

Personalised email content is one of the best ways to boost results in your email marketing campaign. Personalising emails offer around six times higher engagement rates than emails that do not offer personalisation.

2. Segment your email list

Dividing your email addresses into significant groups based on different factors can help boost your email marketing campaigns so the right messgage can hit the right people.

3. Avoid Specific Words in Your Email Subject Lines and Email Content

Spam filters exist to prevent malicious emails from reaching the intended audience, but spammers have learned to create their spam emails using words that a business would use too. As a result, filters have had to grow more sophisticated so avoid the following when you create your emails:

  • Trigger Phrase like 50% OFF

  • Capital Letters like FREE

  • Prices - £10

  • Exclamation Marks!

4. Always include a Call To Action

Entice your audience with an offer or a giveaway or just prompt them with phrases like 'Don't miss out' 'Order now' 'Limited time only'. These call to actions can then be driven to a landing page that contains the offer.

5. Optimise Emails for Mobile Devices 

Most people read their emails on their mobile device, so make sure that the subject is not too long as some of the characters will be cut off.

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