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Email Marketing


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Engage with your audience using Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people.  We can help you with email marketing campaigns to engage with your customers.


With the increase of mobile use, checking email is now easier than before and it has been found that it should come as no surprise that:

  • 99% of consumers check their emails every day

  • some of us check our emails around 20 times a day.

  • over 50% of people even check their email before doing anything else online.


So email remains a great way to reach your audience, whatever customers you are targetting, giving brands a direct way to segment, engage, nurture and convert leads.

For B2B companies, the figures are even more encouraging: On average, workers spend 28% of the workweek reading or responding to emails.

So email marketing must be included as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great tools for engagement with customers, but how can you be sure that they will see your posts and messages – unless you tag them directly, of course.

With segmented email lists, your email will land in your target audiences inbox but in order to stand out and attract attention in busy inboxes, they will need to be cleverly written.  If you are worried about them being redirected to the spam or trash folder, email clients these days have become much more effective in recognising spam messages from proper emails. 

Here are three things your next email campaign should have:


Social Media v Email Engagement
Social Media v Email Engagement

For the “Big 3” of social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), the engagement rate isn’t even 0.6%.


Compare that to email’s average open rate of 22.86% and even its click-through rate of 3.71%.

Emails reach most of the people they’re intended for, so email marketing remains an essential part of your marketing strategy.

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Graphic Design

Range of Marketing Services

At Indigo Lime Media, we offer a wide range of affordable marketing services under one roof, from marketing and advertising, digital marketing and social media, graphic design and website design. No matter how big or small the project, we want to help you.  We want to make you look good, as cost effectively as possible.


The first touchpoint in our marketing process involves an initial meeting or phone call to understand more about your company and what you hope to achieve.  This will also allow us to explain our processes in a bit more detail. We will also discuss what kind of budget you want to commit.

What Our Customers Say

"Every Cloud Arts & Crafts approached Angela on the recommendation of a friend and have been delighted with the outcome for our organisation. We wanted to explore and develop an appropriate marketing strategy for our charitable co-operative (based in Swindon) and was immediately impressed with her personable and professional approach.


She not only redeveloped our website on a new more suitable platform and created an e-marketing tool for us, she also provided comprehensive training alongside these developments to enable us to carry forward our new strategy.


Angela has been very flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of our organisation and has tailored her work to us. We continue to appreciate her support, as and when called upon. We are delighted to recommend her"

Anne Billingham, Every Cloud Arts & Crafts

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