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The Do's and Dont's of using Hashtags in your Instagram Bio

Be careful of using hashtags in your bio.

If you include a generic hashtag in your bio, you risk sending your visitors off your bio and towards lots of content posted by potential competitors.

Hashtags in your Instagram bio aren't clickable and won't show up in search results. So we recommend avoiding them in your bio, unless you have a custom hashtag you are recognised for.

For example, if you are a florist and you include #florist in your bio profile. Your visitor will click on that hashtag and be taken to all the top and most recent posts from other florists who used the hashtag #florists. They may never return to your profile, continue to scroll through all those posts and forget about your profile.

Hashtags in your bio aren’t clickable and won’t show up in search results, so we recommend avoiding them in your bio as you don’t want to waste valuable character space. But adding your company's branded hashtag like #indigolimemedia is a great way to share your community and invite others to participate in it as well.

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