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10 Marketing Material Ideas for your Business

Updated: May 26, 2020

Marketing materials are items that communicate your marketing to customers. But firstly, make sure that your logo and logo colors are consistent across your business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, etc. Here are some ideas of Marketing Materials to create for your business:

1. Create some Business Cards

Make your business card stand out from all the rest. Maybe place a promotional offer on the back of the card i.e. free consultation. Remember to add your social media URLs to the card (not just the logos).

2. Create or update your brochure

If your business lends itself to giving your customers a brochure, then get it created or re-designed to help attract new customers. Match brochures with your brand design and maybe have a basic brochure and create additional brochures for different groups of customers or for different products. Remember to include call-to-action information so prospects can order.

When you update brochures, you could then send them out to customers along with a friendly letter.

3. Create a digital version of your brochure and send out in an email to your customers.

4. Create promotional products to give away at the next networking event. ie. Pens, T-shirts, Drinks Cups etc.

5. Create postcards or leaflets to door drop promoting your business, preferably with an offer or call to action to draw people in.

6. Create gift cards to sell.

7. Send past customers free samples and other incentives to regain their business.

8. Create a newsletter, get some printed for your business and then send out digitally to all your email customers. You can also put the digtal version online.

9. Make sure your outside signage and banners have up-to-date branding and look good.

10. Create Letterheads, Compliment Slips and Envelpes with your business branding on.

Is there a phrase or tag line that you always use in your business? Put it on the letterhead and the envelope.

If you want us to help you create any marketing materials, please get in touch by calling 01225 296808 or emailing

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