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6 Steps to implement Social Media Marketing

Updated: May 26, 2020

Step 1 - Goals and Planning

Social media planning should be used to determine the type of audience you are reaching out to but first you need to work out your goals. These could be Brand Awareness, Driving Sales and Leads, Building Loyal Customers, Becoming an Expert in your field. Once you have decided on your goals you can start the planning stage.

Step 2 - Choosing the right social media platforms for your business

You do not need to participate in as many social media platforms as possible. Instead, you should just focus in growing your social influence on one or two platforms at a time. Some social media platforms will be more relevant to B2B and some to B2C, so choose the ones which will have the audience that you want to market your business to.

Step 3 - Planning your social media posts

What sort of content do you want to share in your posts? Once you have a plan of what you want to share and when, create the posts using some apps or graphic design tools.

Step 4 - Finding the best time to share social updates

Social media is not about quantity, it is all about quality. Finding out the time where the majority of your followers are active would increase the maximum reach. There are tools which you can use to schedule posts.

Step 5 - Managing your social media marketing

Managing multiple social media platforms is not a walk in the park, it takes time, so use tools to manage multiple social media platforms to enable you to keep track of mentions, DM's (Direct Messages) and upload posts.

Step 6 - Starting building up and engaging (more) with your followers

Follow potential customers either in the specific local area that you are based or if you are not geographically restricted, follow them UK or worldwide. Look for hashtags and keywords to locate the customers and then see who they follow and who follows them. Engage with your followers, like and comment on their posts and engage further by Direct Messaging them.

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